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Reagan D. Lynch, Midland, Texas
Consumer Advocate and Credit/Debt Consultant

"I really like it. It has been helpful with all the small details, plus it has saved me a lot of time in terms of finding places to market my services, links to helpful software companies etc. I also love how we can ask questions and get an immediate response whether is is via Email or the forum. You have done good with your idea of a design school."

Lore Earley

I just joined your online school and I'd like to comment on the great job you've done. I'm glad you made a web site like this because I've been trying to get into this career for quite some time. I've been doing it as a hobby since late 1997, and have designed a few web sites that have been very successful. The only problem is that I want to make money doing it, and I didn't know how until I found your web site.

Brian Bolin

"I find the Web Design School very helpful to me since I am a novice. Every time I go back and look, there is something new and helpful."

Susan Fertally

"It is a credible and respectable online school. In addition, I sense that you are sincere person who cares about his customers."

Elizabeth Brummer

"I think the site looks and works great, and is getting better all the time. I'm doing a full time job as an electrician for a utility company, from whom I will be taking early retirement soon to consentrate on my website business which will include web design."

Dennis McKeeman

"Thank you Chad for the support and knowledge you have given me over the past 2 years for my websites. Whenever I have an update, you always are so very prompt in your response. With businesses like mine, you can't wait and I appreciate your attentiveness, not to mention, your attention to detail. I look forward to continuing to learn from you. Keep up the excellent work."

Sacha Wilbanks
Nannies and More...

"Chad Hardy is an excellent teacher of html. He starts at the beginning and progresses properly so each subject is comprehensive. In addition, he addresses any question, simple or complex, in a thorough and thoughtful manner."

Jennifer Thomas

"Your knowledge of website design and marketing has been proven by your abilities. I look forward to a continued relationship with you and your company."

Mark Taylor - Lt. Governor of Georgia

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Raymond Frazier