Learn The Secrets Of Becoming A
High Paid Web Site Designer

These secrets can increase your profits by 325%

Does any of this sound familiar...

  • How much do I charge for this project?
    If you don't charge enough you won't make any profit, but if you charge too much you won't get the project at all...

  • How do I find clients?
    They are out there, but you don't know how to find them and talk to them about your company...

  • How do I get the client to pay me?
    You did a great job with their site, but now they are saying your price was too high...

If you own your own web design business I am sure you have tons of questions like these, if not you will sooner or later...

I started my web design business over 3 years ago...and just about worried myself sick desperately trying to figure out how to feed my family and pay my bills! I was working 60, 70 , and sometimes 80 hours each week just trying to make ends meet. I thought once I started my own business people would somehow find me and beg me to do their web sites - MAN WAS I WRONG! After struggling like this for a year, my wife yelling at me, and my house being close to foreclosure I decided there had to be better way!

I mean don't get me wrong, I loved doing what I was doing, but I just wasn't making the money I thought I should've been making. I worked hard and still just wasn't getting anywhere. Believe me I had seen it all...

...clients not wanting to pay after the site is complete!
Some customers will try to degrade your work hoping that you will lower your prices, or maybe try to get the whole project for nothing by telling you they will gives you lots of referrals.

...competing against 12 year olds with no web design background!
Your client keeps talking about his brother's nephew is a computer guru and has designed web sites for other businesses, but what he doesn't know is that those businesses are now out of business because their web site sucked!

...trying to find more work!
It seems like it is a never ending battle to keep consistent work coming in so you can pay your bills, what you don't know is that once you get a few good clients you will never have to look for work again. I will show you how to find them.

I have now discovered secrets that make a world of difference in the web design business. All of a sudden I am making more money and working a lot less hours. I am happy, my wife is happy, the bill collectors stopped calling - I felt like a new person!

I was able to live a much better life. I have since then changed many other things about my business and work has steadily increased. My business is now at a point where I have someone helping me to keep up to date on my projects.

What secrets? You ask!

"I really like it. It has been helpful with all the small details, plus it has saved me a lot of time in terms of finding places to market my services, links to helpful software companies etc. I also love how we can ask questions and get an immediate response whether it is via Email or the forum. You have done good with your idea of a design school."

Lore Earley

These Secrets Will Have Clients Lining Up And Begging to Pay Whatever Price It Takes To Have You Designing Their Sites

How would you like to learn...

  • where to go to find work!
    Without a constant flow of projects coming into your office you will soon be working at the local McDonalds - nobody wants to come home smelling like a french fry

  • how to communicate with clients!
    Without communication your clients will not feel secure with your progress and your abilities

  • how to price projects!
    Pricing a project can be a time consuming process, but all of that time is wasted if you don't get the job

  • how to get paid for your work!
    Hey, who wants to put his blood, sweat, and tears into something and not get paid for it?

  • how to keep the client coming back for more!
    You don't have to keep looking for new clients if your current clients are happy, they will be more than willing to have you do their updates, additions, marketing, training, and more

And most importantly...

  • How To Make Money!
    I will admit that I got into web design because it was fun, but at the same time I had bills to pay and a family to support, without money in my bank account I wasn't able to put food on the table, you have to make money if you want to survive!

So now you are asking...

Why Am I Qualified To Teach You These Secrets?

Like I mentioned earlier, I have owned and operated my web design business for over 3 years. On the internet that's a long time. You won't find many web designers who have made enough money to stay in business that long!

My current client base expands over many different industries all across the United States:

  • Political - I am working toward becoming a political web strategist for a top named campaign manager in my state. All of this happened because of a few phone calls.

  • Pharmaceutical - I worked with some of the most brilliant formulation scientists in America because of a free listing on a web site.

  • Governmental - I have worked with the Federal Aviation Administration (FFA) designing web based computer based training programs. I made a lot of money through having one connection.

  • European Lingerie Designers - I work with the most prestigious lingerie company in my state and their web site is in a constant state of change. This means a constant flow of income for me.

  • Nonprofit Organizations - I currently have 5 nonprofit organizations that I work with and they are all wanting customized intranet sites. I have a connection that will do all of the work for me and I will make a cool $2,000 monthly residual income from doing nothing!

  • Domestic Placement Services - This placement service places nannies with very prestigious T.V. personalities, Politicians, Lawyers, etc. and brings in over $50,000 a month, and they do it all through the web site I designed for them. Once again this gives me a constant flow of income every month from maintaining their site.

  • And many others...

Of the 3 years I have been in business I have never advertised! Not one penny has went toward finding clients, it has all went into my pocket! A deep love for my job, and a constant drive for improvement has my clients doing all of the work for me.

I am not perfect by any means, I have made many mistakes that have cost thousands of dollars, but I can guarantee you one thing..

I won't make them again.

That is the reason I have created The Web Design School.

I want to...

Keep You From Making Mistakes And Help You Make Money

I designed The Web Design School as a resource for web design business owners who had questions and were looking for answers. I have searched many web design message boards in search of the questions you have and have put the answers in The Web Design School along with the secret keys to my success. The keys that have allowed me to become a high paid web site designer.

A few changes in the way you do business can increase the number of clients you have and also increase the amount you receive from each of those clients. These changes are not earth shattering changes, they are all pretty simple when looked at individually, but when done together the results can be outstanding.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to become a web designer. Anybody can pick up FrontPage or Dreamweaver and automatically they're web designers. How do you set yourself apart from these people?

The Web Design School has the answers...

"Chad has done what no one else has been able to do. Make web design and the business of web design easy to understand. This is a guy with a true teaching gift. Chad cuts through all the fluff, and gives you the cold hard facts. If your going to learn web design or how to run a web design business learn from Chad."

Reagan D. Lynch, Midland, Texas
Consumer Advocate and Credit/Debt Consultant

To make it simple, The Web Design School is separated into 5 areas. Each area talks about a different subject that is vital to the success of your business.

Section #1: Business Basics

The Business Basics section is the place where business owners will find the answers to many of their questions. You will find topics on:

  • Incorporation vs. Freelancing - Which route should you take and why. Not knowing the rules and laws of each one could mean a visit from the IRS and possible fines. Make sure you know which type of business you want to operate before it is too late.

  • Pricing - How to find out what the competition is charging and how you can charge more and still get the job. Clients don't always want the lowest priced web designer to do their project, they want the best and if that means paying for quality they will do it. Figure out what they are really looking for and give it to them.

  • Contracts - Learn what to put and not put in your contract to make it hold up in a court of law. So many times web designers are taken advantage of because of insufficient or nonexistent contracts. You have to have a valid contract before doing work with any client, if not you could stand to lose lots of money.

  • Choosing a Company Name - Why it is important to choose a name that reflects what you do. Too many web design firms go for the coolness factor when selecting a name for their business. Potential clients are looking for established, professional web designers to work with, and a name can say this for you without you having to say a word.

  • Domain Names and Hosting - How to find the cheapest domain registrars and the best hosting companies. As a web designer a nice secondary income can come from many places, the most obvious one is web hosting. Learn how to find the best low cost hosting that will allow you to make a profit from your hosting clients.

Section #2: Marketing

The Marketing section is where you can learn how to market your services, provide additional services to your clients and more. Some of the topics you will find in here are:

  • Search Engine Optimization - Learn what the search engines are really looking for, and it isn't H1 tags or Hidden Text! There are so many misconceptions about how to get top rankings in the search engines, and most of them are wrong. By following my step-by-step instructions you can achieve a top ranking in search engines like Google and increase the traffic to your web site, creating a steady flow of potential clients coming to you, instead of you looking for them.

  • Pay Per Click Search Engines - Learn how they can benefit you and your clients. These types of search engines allow you to target specific keywords allowing you to concentrate your advertising dollars toward your specific niche. By learning the specifics of these search engines you have also added another service that you can offer your clients giving you another stream of income!

  • Web Designer Directories - Get yourself listed for FREE in Yahoo like directories specifically designed for web designers. Not all potential clients use the search engines to find web designers, they use directories like Yahoo, but what a lot of designers don't realize is that there are directories that are just for web designers. This makes the job of finding a web designer much easier for the client.

  • eZines and Newsletters - Find out why this often overlooked medium is the quickest way to reach potential clients. Newsletters are great for advertising your business because the readers are very targeted, this allows you to use them in a variety of ways like advertising and writing articles.

Section #3: Project Management

The Project Management section is probably the most important section at The Web Design School because it teaches you the most important aspect of owning a web design business - COMMUNICATION!

You will also learn about:

  • The 5 Phases of Project Management - Mastering these will increase your productivity and your profits. These 5 phases are essential to every web design project, no matter how large or small. By following them you learn how to use your time more efficiently and save money by not having to think about what you should really be doing.

  • The Project File - Learn how to track your project's every step, thus eliminating mistakes in the future. Project files are beneficial for two reasons, 1) They keep each of your project's information in a convenient location for easy retrieval, and 2) They allow you to make notes of previous projects and clients so that you can review past payment history, etc. This will help you decide if you want to do work with that client again or maybe use them as a referral.

  • Client Relationships - Learn about the simple equation of Happy Client = More Money. A great relationship with the client means more repeat business, referrals, and profit. Learn how to grow that relationship and create a lifelong customer.

Section #4: Resources

The Resources section contains links to sites and information that you will find invaluable. This section is updated on a weekly basis. You will find links to resources on:

  • Tax Information - Get direct access to hard to find forms that the government require you to fill out, whether you are a freelancer or incorporated.

  • Salary Surveys - When working to establish your pricing structure it is essential to see what you are worth in the marketplace, these surveys are the most up to date and allow you to see what you should really be making.

  • Legal Services - As a business owner you need to have certain people that help you, those people could be attorneys, accountants, etc. These links will point you to where you can find the closest and best ones.

  • eZine Directories - When looking to advertise or submit articles to eZines it isn't always so easy to find them. These links will point you toward directories that are full of eZines that are just waiting for you to contact them.

  • Organizational Listings - After you have established your niche you need to get involved in some local organizations to increase your presence, but sometimes that isn't so easy. These links will take you direct to the organizational leaders and allow you to communicate your needs.

  • Message Boards - Almost every organization or industry has some form of online chat or message board, these are excellent opportunities to display your knowledge of their industry and your expertise.

  • and tons more!

The resource section will be your one stop for everything related to owning and running a home based web design business!

Section #5: Message Board

The Message Board is where all members are allowed to post questions and get answers quickly. You can post messages on topics such as:

  • Pricing Issues - On all public message boards you are not allowed to ask questions regarding pricing, well on The Web Design School's message board you can discuss any pricing issue you have in mind. There are no rules since this is a private site. I welcome open communication between web designers, this is how we all learn!

  • Site Critiques - Ask other members to critique your sites and receive immediate feedback from them as well as myself. Get other peoples opinions on your client's site before submitting it for their approval. This can save you a lot of wasted time.

  • Client Problems - If you are having problems with a client feel free to post a question to see what other designers have done in similar situations. There is always going to be a new client and a new situation that you get into, no one has all of the answers, but by asking others you can reach a solution much faster than doing it by yourself.

  • General Web Design - Just because the The Web Design School is about the business side of web design doesn't mean you can't talk about things like HTML, Javascript, Photoshop, or whatever. We are all web designers and always will be, our existence is based on scripting languages and color, the best way to learn is to ask others.

That's Just The Beginning. There is Much More.

I just joined your online school and I'd like to comment on the great job you've done. I'm glad you made a web site like this because I've been trying to get into this career for quite some time. I've been doing it as a hobby since late 1997, and have designed a few web sites that have been very successful. The only problem is that I want to make money doing it, and I didn't know how until I found your web site.

Brian Bolin

Signing up to become a member of The Web Design School also entitles you to these free bonuses:

Free Bonus #1: Web Designer Salary Calculator - Valued at $75.00

Using this interactive calculator you will be able to see exactly what you should be charging per hour for your services! This is the most requested tool on our web site. Within a matter of minutes you will know the exact amount to charge your clients to make the money you desire. It couldn't get any easier than this...

Most web designers just guess at their hourly rate and they don't realize that they are losing thousands of dollars per year! You don't have to do that!

Free Bonus #2: Business Templates - Valued at $150.00

I have constructed business templates that will help increase your productivity and your communication skills. You will have access to the following templates, and more are being designed all the time:

  • Web Design Contract - This is the most essential tool that you will need to have in your business. I am always modifying this web design contract to include everything we need as web designers to protect us from unethical clients, freeloaders, and procrastinators.

  • Communication Templates - I have created several email and snail mail templates that will increase your productivity when speaking with clients and potential clients. Some people ask the same questions over and over so why do you need to keep retyping the answers?

  • Proposal Templates - When submitting proposals there is certain information that needs to be included, I have created a proposal template that will help you put together proposals much quicker and impress the client.

Free Bonus #3: Project Quote Request Form - Valued at $75.00

This elaborate form can be used on your web site to allow potential clients to request quotations from your company. Most web designers don't realize that they are losing many potential clients each month just because they don't have a quote request form on their site.

The form contains questions that will prevent price shoppers from wasting your time and impress serious clients with your professionalism.

All of this, Plus You Get My "No Questions Asked - Risk Free Guarantee"

The Web Design School gives you everything you need to run a profitable web design business, including weekly and monthly updates, the business basics section, marketing information, project management tips, resources for business owners, and an awesome members only message board.

This type of information is not readily available on any other web site on the internet. What you are seeing here is a first for web designers worldwide.

Utilizing just a small amount of the knowledge you will obtain here could increase your profit potential by 325% this year alone! Without it you could be losing thousands of dollars! Since The Web Design School is a new venture I am going to make you a special deal. You can sign up right now for only $19.95 per month!

That's right, you can gain immediate access to everything I have listed above for under $20 per month.

The great thing about it is that if you are not completely satisfied with the information presented at The Web Design School after trying it for a full 30 days you get a full refund of your $19.95...
No Questions Asked! No Problems!

I am only going to accept a limited number of people at this special rate, so if you want to guarantee your $19.95 rate you need to sign up now!

The price will be going up as soon as the new member maximum is reached. I can't guarantee you when that will be, so if you want to get in at this special introductory rate...

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p.s. The Web Design School is a one of a kind web site where you will learn all of the little things you will need to create and maintain a profitable web design business! You will have access to information on Business Basics, Marketing, Project Management, Web Designer Resources, a Member's Only Message Board, and lots of bonuses! No other web site teaches you all of this in one convenient location!

p.p.s. You are not locked into any long contract periods. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Sign up now to learn the secrets of running a home based web design business. Sign up today before the price goes up!